We have been box holders at the Spanish Spring’s Pack ‘n’ Post since 2001. Not only is the store close to our home, the array of services include something we need and/or use, daily.

In addition to our PMB, we have notary services, outgoing shipping services, we even get a friendly call when we need to pick up a package. All of this, along with extended hours, is very accommodating.

Some of these services may be offered through other companies, but we doubt you’ll find them, with a more “Let me help you!” attitude or a friendlier smile, than at Pack ‘n’ Post.

The vast services and level of consistent customer services will keep us as clients for years to come.
-The McDougalds | 2/3/2012


Pack N Post is truly the epitome of your neighborhood: post office. They’re friendly and courteous, not to mention fast and efficient.

For the few extra pennies you pay here than at the post office, it is 10x better in all aspects than dealing with the post office. And you get to know the people in the area!!

-Tracy Thibault | 2/3/2012


With an important part of the service at Pack N Post the customer and interest of the customer is foremost.

This is found in consistent and thoughtful attitudes by the owners and all their employees. Without question they have both the appreciation and loyalty of their customers.

-Al Merlose | 2/3/2012


We have used this mail facility and have always been treated with the utmost of care.

We appreciate this service very much. Rick and George and the staff are appreciated.

-Rose Serafini | 2/3/2012


For us PackNPost is an old fashioned gathering place similar to a country store.

It has a homey, country atmosphere where all employees and customers are friendly, courteous, and helpful. A good place to gather and catch up on local happenings, and say “helio” to old and new neighbors.

-Ed & Betty Riley | 2/3/2012